Preparing your home for showing

With Buyers, first impression count. A small investment in time and money will give your home an edge over other listings in the area when the time comes to show your home to prospective buyers.


General Maintenance  Spacious Look

Oil squeaky doors

Clear stairs and halls

Tighten door knobs

Store excess furniture

Replace burned out light bulbs

Clear Counters & Stove

Clean and repair windows

Closets neat and tidy

Touch up chipped paint


Repair cracked plaster and holes

Curb appeal

Clean Furnace

Cut Grass

Repair leaking taps and toilets

Trim shrubs and gardens

Repair seal on tub and basin

Weed and edge sidewalks


Pick up any litter

Spick & Span

Clear walk and drive of leaves and or snow

Shampoo carpets

Repair gutters and eaves

Clean washer, dryer and tubs

Clean out and organize garage & covered porches

Clean refrigerator and stove

Touch up exterior paint

Clean and freshen bathrooms

Power wash siding if needed

The First Impression

The Buying Atmosphere

Clean and tidy entrance

Arrange to be absent during the showing

Functional doorbell

Turn all lights on

Polish door hardware

Light fireplace if available

Refinish door if needed

Open drapes in the daytime


Play quite background music


Keep pets outside

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