David Connely, the senior member of the firm, is our managing broker, President and Chairman of the Board.

David grew up in cow country, Cheyenne, Wyoming to be precise, and later moved to
O’Neill, Nebraska.

David served two tours in Vietnam, and following his return to the U.S. he started his own retail business.

David has a strong entrepreneurial streak and has run several businesses successfully, including a very successful real estate business based in the O’Neill, Nebraska area.

David has been awarded a number of prestigious awards for his excellence in real estate sales.

David and his wife, Cathie currently live on the western edge of Lincoln, Nebraska. From this jumping off point, David oversees all the operations of the company as the President and Managing Broker.

David can usually be found out in the country, finding new and exciting properties, and helping our existing customers enjoy some of the many benefits that are only offered by  Ag Country Partners, Inc.

If you are looking for an top notch representative to help maximize the profit potential of your property, or for some solid guidance in buying property, especially in outstate Nebraska, then give Ag Country Partners a call today! 402-416-6118
Col. David Connely,
 Owner, Broker, Auctioneer
Ag Country Partners, Inc.
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